London House, Goodenough College.

London House / Goodenough College / Mecklenburgh Square / London WC1N 2AB.

Goodenough College will serve as the anchor site for Durrell 2012: Lawrence Durrell Centenary, 13 – 16 June 2012.

Goodenough College is an academic campus set within the metropolitan green-space of Mecklenburgh Square, Bloomsbury — the very London neighborhood in which young Lawrence and Nancy Durrell lived and loved in the early 1930s.

London House — a Grade II listed building on the Goodenough College campus — offers an ideal setting from which to host an international event like the 2012 Lawrence Durrell Centenary.

Founded in 1930, Goodenough College serves as a London campus for postgraduate students from the Dominions.  Goodenough College currently provides accommodation for 650 postgraduate students from 90 different countries studying at over 70 institutions throughout London.

Read more about the history and mission of Goodenough College here.

Goodenough College is situated a short walk from a number of museums, cultural institutions, and literary landmarks, including all of the most significant sites from Lawrence Durrell’s London years.

  • 106 Guilford Street (Durrell’s flat) 0.2 mi
  • Millman Street (Witch Photographic Studio) 0.3 mi
  • Lamb’s Conduit (Durrell’s flat with Nancy) 0.3 mi
  • 24 Russell Square (Faber & Faber’s former address) 0.7 mi
  • Old Reading Room @ British Museum 1.0 mi
  • The Slade School of Fine Art (Nancy Durrell’s school) 1.0 mi
  • Fitzroy Tavern (Durrell’s watering hole) 1.2 mi
  • 6 Fitzroy Square (Durrell’s flat) 1.3 mi
  • Mecklenburgh Square (Woolf’s home) 0.0 mi
  • Charles Dickens Museum (Dickens’s Home) 0.2 mi
  • Foundling Museum @ Coram’s Fields 0.5 mi
  • British Library (Home to Durrell’s MSS) 0.6 mi
  • Tavistock House (Dickens’s Home) 0.7 mi
  • Gordon Square (Home to Woolf, Strachey, &c.) 0.7 mi
  • Sir John Soane’s Museum 0.8 mi
  • Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology 0.8 mi
  • 44 Bedford Square (Salon for Bloomsbury Group) 1.0 m

Special keynote addresses, plenary sessions, and the banquet for Durrell 2012: The Lawrence Durrell Centenary will be held in the Great Hall at London House, Goodenough College.

Take a virtual tour of the Great Hall at London House, Goodenough College.

Sessions and exhibitions for the 2012 Lawrence Durrell Centenary will held in the Large Common Room at London House, Goodenough College.

Take a virtual tour of the Large Common Room at London House, Goodenough College.


Durrell 2012: Venues & Accommodations.

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